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Science Making Sense
Update time: 2005-07-24
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For the past fifty years, under national scientific research policy designed to promote academic discipline by projects and to stimulate applied research through basic research. SIOC scientists have made many contributions to China's economy, defense and scientific achievements, as illustrated by the following achievements.

The preparation of key materials and chemicals for the atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb and several satellite projects.

Initiation of the steroid pharmaceutical industry in China the development of medicines for family planning, thereby contributing significantly to national population control.

One of the main participants to the total synthesis of crystalline bovine insulin.

One of the main participants to the total synthesis of yeast ala-tRNA.

Separation, structure elucidation, properties and application of different kinds of bioactive macromolecules, such as Trichosanthin.

Structure elucidation and total synthesis of bioactive organic compounds represented by the new anti-malarial drug-Qinghaosu (Arteannuin), as well as the mechanistic study of its biological action.

Development of fluorine-containing plastics and functional materials of national urgency through basic research in organofluorine chemistry.

Synthesis and structure-property relationship study of extractants initiated the extractant chemistry and industry in China, which helped the nation to build nuclear and metallurgy industries.

Researches in the field of organometallic chemistry, particularly, organometallic chemistry directed towards organic synthesis developed the synthetic methodology of organic reactions.

The substituent parameters in free radical chemistry, the concept of aggregation of organic molecules and the micro-environmental effects initiated the supra-molecular chemistry in China.

The study of biocatalyst techniques were applied to the de-waxing of petroleum fermentation, bio-surfactants and high productive RNA-yeasts, enhancing the industries like petroleum refinery, oil recovery and pharmaceutics.

Development of brush-electroplate techniques and a series of electroplate-solution prescription, leading to remarkable economical advantages.

Study and development of dyestuffs, liquid crystal, aviation film and other functional organic materials.

Development of chemical software and a series of chemical databases.

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