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Supporting System
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Information Center
Update time: 2009-05-31
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(including Network Team and Library)

Responsible for the informatization construction of SIOC; the library should be responsible for the collection, sorting and storage of Literature information resources in the field of organic chemistry and relevant subjects, establishing application service platform of Literature information by modern information technology and providing effective and convenient Literature guarantee and information service for scientific research, education and development. Network Team shall be responsible for the layout, construction and update of network platform, management and maintenance of high performance computational chemistry platform, operating maintenance of ARP system, scientific research application of one card system, online material requisition system and information service system of spectrum instrument and operating maintenance and update of management information system, network connection of client-side computers and technical support of PC software and hardware, operating management, maintenance, web making and update of all the websites as well as application research and development of network technology.


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