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The Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry Held “Wang You Scientific Seminar in the Year 2009”
Update time: 2009-06-08
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The “Wang You Scientific Seminar” established to commemorate our national distinguished organic chemist Mr. Wang You welcomed its first lecturer in the morning of June 4, 2009 Professor Herbert Waldmann of the Chemical Biology Research Department of the German MaxPlanck Molecular Physiology Institute. This scientific seminar activity was presided by Academician Lin Guoqiang, Director of the Advisory Committee of the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry. At first, he introduced the original intention and meaning of setting up the “Wang You Scientific Seminar” to the participating teachers and students. Mr. Wang You, as the national outstanding organic chemist, all his lifetime was dedicated to the national science career, the contribution is very huge and the outstanding achievement is publicly recognized. In order to carry forward Mr. Wang You’s spirit, the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry especially set up the “Wang You Scientific Seminar ". Academician Lin Guoqiang also gave a brief introduction about the academic experience of Professor Waldmann.

This time, Professor Waldmann made the teachers and students the academic report named "Biology Oriented Synthesis", through which expatiated the concept of biological guiding organic synthesis, the content was rich and wonderful, and the entire report hall was fully packed.

The research interests of Professor Waldmann is the research of the protein structure and natural product structure, the synthesis of the signal transduction regulator and the natural product derivatives, the research of the solid-phase synthesis method, the biological evaluations of lipopeptide and lipoprotein as well as gene peptide and gene protein fields, etc.

The outstanding chemical achievements of Professor Waldmann ever won numerous scientific awards, including Friedrich Weygand AwardCarl Duisberg Award of the Gesellschaft Deutscher ChemikerOtto-Bayer-AwardSteinhofer Award of the Steinhofer Foundation,Max Bergmann MedalGSK Award on Chemical Biology, etc.

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