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The Chemistry Department of the National Fund Committee’s Organic Chemistry "12 • 5" Strategic Seminar Was Held in Jiaxing, Zhejiang
Update time: 2009-06-12
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In order to implement the National Natural Science Fund Committee’s "12.5" development and planning, better do the fund subsidization work of the organic chemistry disciplinary and promote the healthy development of the basic research of the national organic chemistry during the period of "12.5", on June 8-10, 2009, the Chemical Sciences Department of the National Natural Science Fund Committee held the organic chemistry "12.5" strategic seminar in Jiaxing, Zhejiang.

This seminar was widely given audience to the opinions and recommendations of all experts around four aspects: 1. The overall development trend of the organic chemistry discipline; 2. The development situation of the national organic chemistry; 3. The guiding ideology and strategic objectives of the organic chemistry development; 4. The main subsidizing field and development directions of the organic chemistry discipline in the next five years. Aiming to improving and developing the science fund system with the Chinese characteristics, making prosperity of the basic research, focusing on of improving the original innovation ability, building the guiding ideology of the innovation-oriented country services, basing on the strategy height of the whole organic chemistry discipline development, the experts put forward their own insights; at the same time, discussed the existing bottleneck problems and errors in the process of the organic chemistry discipline development, the seminar achieved the anticipative target.

The leaders and experts of this seminar were respectively from the 20 units of the institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes in the whole country with the total number of 55 persons, such as Academician Lin Guoqiang, Director of the Chemistry Department of the Fund Committee, Researcher Liang Wenping, Executive Deputy-director of the Department of Chemistry, Researcher Chen Yongjun, Deputy-director of the Department of Chemistry, Researcher Du Canping, Director of Chemical Second-division of the Department of Chemistry, Academician Zhang Lihe of Beijing University, Academician Cheng Jinpei of Nankai University, Academician Ma Shengming of East China Normal University, Academician Zhao Yufen of Xiamen University, Academician Tong Zhenhe of Physics and Chemistry Institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc..

Commissioned by the Fund Committee, the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences held this seminar.

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